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This is partly for me, because I am incapable of getting things done without lists, and partly to tantalize you/get you all to yell at me until I sacrifice my grades on the familiar altar of fanfiction. They're mostly in the order in which I found them all, rather than strictly according to priority. XD

1. Sweeter Dreams [Merlin] for helva2260 via help_haiti (currently 3,770 words, estimated Please Leave Me Alone Plot Bunnies words)

2. Death by Squirrel [Merlin] for richelle2972 (currently 5,320 words, est. ~6,400 words)

3. A Ten/Rose fic [DW] for koneko_zero (currently half-brainstormed, est. 2,000-3,000 words?)

4. Titles Are For People Who Can Make Them Up [HP] for missus_jackson (currently 2,500 words, est. ~4,000 words?)

5. Arthur/Merlin fluff [three guesses] for passthebutter (currently half-conceived and then trashed in three different directions while I was walking in the rain; please stand by)

6. A Merlin/Glee crossover ['nuff sed] for crazyboutremmy (currently a little bit brainstormed from back when I first started thinking about it)

7. The Hunt [DN] for All Those People Misguided Enough to Be My Fans (currently 18,850, est. Let's Not Even Talk About This)

8. Paint [Merlin] for ME, DAMN IT (currently 30,880, est. ∞)

9. I'm Not Dead [DN] for People Who Would Read "Rubble" and "Ruin" Re-Interpreted and Way Longer Than Before (currently 5,600, est. 7,000-8,000?)

10. Daylight [DN] for Those Weird People Who Like Genderswitch (currently 460, est. 1,500-2,000)

11. Some Dramione Thing That Thinks It's Harry/Ron [HP] for marmaladefever (currently 740, est. ~1,300)

12. Ten and Jethro Go to Camelot [DW/Merlin] for Everyone Who Wanted to See the Other Side of Trench-Coats and Neckerchiefs (currently 2,200, est. ~6,000?)

13. About Eight Things [mostly DW/TW] for eltea (currently Let's Not Even Go There)

14. That Creepy-As-Fuck Light/Near Fic [DN] for Perverts Like Me Who Would Read That Shit (currently 840, est. ~3,000?)

15. TEIN II [DN] for Everybody and Hopefully Not Their Mother (currently 700, est. 20,000+)

16. Nick and Theo Do a Novel [original] for My Life and Future (currently 40, est. ...well, shit)

...actually, that's just the stuff that's saved on my desktop, not any of the old stuff I still intend to get done. XD Whatever this emotion is that I'm experiencing, it's not surprise. Sickening mixture of horror and dismay? Yeah, probably that one. XD

Also it's the pulped_fictions Pulpympics starting in eight days, a day which also happens to be Matt's birthday. And Light's birthday is the 28th. And there's Valentine's Day. And, like, school or some shit. *RIRE À HAUTE VOIX*

*goes and dies somewhere nice and quiet with a vending machine*

Oh also. My roommate was one of the two valedictorians at our high school. I leave her alone for TWO DAYS, and when I come back, the closet doors are off their tracks. She seems to have mostly fixed them again now, but... lol. REALLY? XD

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