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Titling my posts is usually the hardest part of writing them, oddly enough.  Or perhaps not oddly enough, considering how I am about concision.

Incidentally, I love how people almost invariably use "Brevity is the soul of wit" wrong.  Silly people, not understanding the context.  Right up there with "Wherefore art thou Romeo."

I did the "Brevity" monologue for an audition; it was the pwnsauce.  Because obviously I am an aged, self-important counselor to a king, so it was my forte.

If I was merciful, I would sever my fingers, such that I would no longer be able to type and annoy the lot of you unfortunate people on my Friends list.  You poor, poor souls.

New icon, yay.  I made it a while ago, because I needed Brokeback Mountain closure, because that movie haunted my every move and thought for two weeks straight.  Flipping.  Amazing.  I was in a rut again this evening, so I decided maybe a new icon would make me happy.  Yay happies.  I heart Jack Twist.

I was going to get so much done today, and then I got tired, and when I get tired, I get depressed, and when I get depressed, nothing gets done.  So nothing got done.  Shizzlenit.  On the upside, I picked a good time to start getting lame and homesick, because I'm going home again this weekend.  *waves arms*  I made the conscious decision to boycott my English homework upon discovering that it was sixty pages of Emerson essays.  Yeah, not so much going to happen, thanks.

It's raining.  It was cloudy and gloomy all day, and then it started to rain.  I barely missed getting rather damp, because I was out getting food, and it was misting a little in that preemptive way that it does as I walked back.

It is my purpose and my function in life.

Ah, but what does teen spirit smell like?

I think it smells like vivid dreams and unstoppable optimism, with a dash of naughty fantasies propagated by imbalanced hormones.

All Over You, because Live = love.  Whoever put it up stuck the CD track onto a live performance, and there are a couple issues with the audio as a result, but you'll get the idea.

Revel in my margin drawings and learn some astronomy ici.  We were learnin' about planets outside the Milky Way galaxy.  The way they detect them is by measuring the amount that a star's orbit is changed by the gravitational attraction to the planet, since planets are far too small to see at that distance, and emit too little radiation energy to be detected next to stars.  Then they do lots of physics and math and other things that guarantee that I will never go into the field of astronomy.

I used to be a good student in high school.  You gotta believe me, man...

Later, when I get my act together and reestablish my relationship with Photoshop, I'll have a huge conglomerate of different margin drawings.  There may be something slightly disturbing in the fact that I mostly sit in class, takes halfhearted notes, and draw characters' heads.  Creepy.

So yeah.
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