February 28th, 2008

Blue Rose

Carbohydrate Roller Coaster

I really think I need to, you know, I dunno, not get on this ride anymore.  I think it's just that simple carbohydrates carry me for a while, and then I come plummeting down like a bird shot out of the sky, and go smoosh.

Yes, smoosh.

Or splat.

The weather has been disgustingly beautiful lately.  The sun's out, and the sky is robin's-egg blue tinged with this kind of whitish, misty layer at the bottom that I guess is either smog, clouds, or angel spit.  (Which is a funny image by itself, but I digress.)  The grass is a Crayola green, and everyone's going around wearing flip-flops and tank-tops and other things that rhyme and show a little more than you wanted to see.

Mostly I'm just sleepy.  I've been having issues sleeping lately -- first of all just getting to bed, and then sleeping once I'm there.  It is no good.  NO GOOD.  Invalid code; please re-enter.

I have homework that I should be doing.  Fer sure.

Have some pointlessly-melancholy crap.

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