March 5th, 2008

Red Rose

A List

Things I Did Today
(by Tierfal)
 - Laughed (along with the rest of the class and the professor) at the guy who fell asleep during my first class.... and snored.
 - Sat in the library and wrote Harry Potter fanfiction sitting across the table from a guy in an orange Naruto shirt.  (I shit you not.)
 - Went down to the plaza anticipating fifteen minutes of a very odd, attention-getting demonstration, waited a little while with some associates and passed out more fliers in ten minutes than in all of Monday's hour, and, when a bunch of people didn't show, went to Office Hours for Javier instead.
 - Beleaguered Javier AGAIN.
 - Gave a presentation on Greek sacrifices, at about two mph slower than the speed of sound.

Things I Will Proceed to Do Today
(still by Tierfal)
(I mean it this time)
 - BS my way through rehearsal again, knowing pretty much everyone's lines better than they do.
 - Hopefully not spend TWO HOURS at the aforementioned rehearsal
 - Start... essay...?  (Yeah, uh huh, sure.)
 - Learn the meanings of the words "start" and "essay" used in succession
 - Start... studying for midterm...?
 - Stop lying to myself about starting things I know I'm not going to start because I'm an unconscionable slacker.
 - Start... astronomy homework...?
 - Stop laughing at myself regarding my tendency for compulsive lying.
 - Stop writing pointless lists that pretty much nobody is going to read...