March 6th, 2008

Red Rose

Blah Blah Blah Highlights

So... instead of writing the essay that's duly due tomorrow... I shall regale you with the day's exploits.  Is anyone surprised?  Anyone?  Anyone?

I had a headache this morning (and by "morning," I mean "at fifteen minutes to eleven") walking to class.  It wasn't the usual kind of headache, which is a sort of persistent throbbing at the temples or one side or the other of the forehead, but rather felt as if my brain had been disconnected from my skull at the rear and was protesting this advent.  Ow.  It had also defied the ibuprofin I had so casually downed about an hour before, because ibuprofin is my Premier Problem-Solving Strategy, and so I thought it might be a no-food-in-system kind of headache and bought juice.  And downed it.  And the headache went away.  YAY JUICE.  ^_^

I thought you should know; it's pretty damn important, as you can tell.

Also, today in Planets class, which is like astronomy for people who don't want to take astronomy, and which also happens to be my only class on Thursdays, thank Higher Power of choice, one of the diagrams in the slideshow had the credit "Van der Voo et al."


On a slightly more mature note (but not too much), we were talking about earthquakes, and there was a big chart-y sort of thing about probabilities that there will be a 6.7 along various faults within the next thirty years.  The conclusion, as my professor was kind enough to point out...

"So there's a twenty-seven percent chance that a 6.7 earthquake will happen right here on the Hayward fault in the next thirty years."

A student raised his hand and, when he received permission to do so, musingly interjected, "But a 6.7 isn't that big -- it wouldn't do that much damage, right?"

The professor smiled.  Slightly evilly.  "If a 6.7 happened right now... I suspect we'd all die.  Because this building would collapse."

Ah, fatalism.  How I love thee.