March 7th, 2008

Red Rose

English Love/Hate

So I had a midterm about an hour and a half ago.  And it went pretty well, because I am the Undisputed Master of All Things English BS-Related.  Or it will have gone well, provided that I gave enough information in my hurried, harried, largely reaching close readings.  I think I came up with some valid and original statements, which always leads to a showering of brownie points, so hopefully that will work in my favor.  I was going to read through them at the end, only... I needed to come back to print out the essay due in my other English class.  Yes, sir.  Though I did add a little star and an according margin comment at the last second, which was something to the effect of "In referencing so many different languages, Eliot unites mankind in their hopelessness."

Two minutes later, walking towards my dorm, I realized that that was grammatical grounds for English-Related Suicide (ERS).  Dear Lord, what have I DONE?

Then I walked into my dorm lobby and saw "WHOSE WATCHING YOU??" on a huge sign, cringed, and remembered how amazing I am.

Thought you should know.