March 8th, 2008

Red Rose

Keeping Track of Oddities

It's my job.

Went out for dinner with a friend who's got ten more weeks of chemo, her best friend, who goes to school on the East Coast, and eleven other people who are all varying degrees of my friends, her friends, and so forth.  East Coast Friend had been talking about how ninety percent of what you say is in the body language, as she gleaned from a book called 'Faking It.'

ECF: Also, if you know superficial stuff about a lot of topics, it can make you seem really smart.  But I'm not very good at it.  Like, give me a random topic.
Tierfal: (utterly without hesitation) Iguanas!
ECF: (smoothly) Iguanas are one of ninety-three species of lizard in the southwestern hemisphere... (as everyone busts up laughing) See, I'm really bad at it!

Also, the courtyard in between the dorm buildings here has weird acoustics.  You can very clearly hear people below -- conversations, skateboarders, guitar players, you name it.  Ergo I could very clearly hear someone going by whistling the Pokémon theme.

Yes, I know the Pokémon theme.

Shut up.  You probably know it, too.

Man, I have SO much homework that I'm not doing.  Crap.


As we were chillin' and eating burritos.

Director of My Play: Well, I'm not trying to generalize about people from Los Angeles, but in general...