March 12th, 2008

Red Rose

More Fliering Fun and Guys Named Nick

Fliering... did not suck today.  It was extraordinary.  Which was probably also much (read: entirely) due to the fact that I was actually doing it with other people.  Namely a boyf and girlf (terms coined in Newspaper last year) pair who are in different pieces, both different from my piece, who are pretty much awesome.  So we threw fliers at people (not literally... though that might have been somewhat effective, come to think of it) and yelled about our show and so on.  (And other parenthetical comments as well.)  Basically, it was a rousing good time, though my hand was kinda cramped from holding the huge wood-handled sign for an hour.  And the soles of my feet are probably going to call it quits pretty soon, since I ran an hours' worth of on-foot errands before the hour of standing with sign and fliers.

BUT WE GAVE OUT LOTS OF FLIERS, YAYYY.  Like a crapload, seriously.


In other news, according to my sophisticated observational skills, half the guys in the world are named Nick.  Just in my piece of the play, which is composed of FIVE actors, two of the three guys are named Nick.  No yoke.  And then the boyf mentioned above is named Nick.  (He's also in my Classics class *and* my English 45B class, which is pretty niftylicious.)  Then there's a guy in my Classics discussion group who sits next to me, whose name is also Nick.  And I have spotted in my Classics lecture this cute guy named Nick who had a class before me in the a lecture hall last semester, and who introduced himself because I apparently resemble some girl he knew at school in... Maryland.

Pretty much, if you don't know a guy's name, just call him Nick.