March 22nd, 2008

Red Rose


My brain is like KABLOOIE.

I was good this morning (I was awake for a whole hour of it), and then into this afternoon when eltea and I hung out downtown for... ever.  I bought "Brokeback Mountain" and "Casino Royale" at Borders, and then we had lunch with her familia, and then we went to Coldstone for ice cream.  And then we walked back most of the way to my house.  And when I got back inside and sat down, my brain was like FWISH KABLOOM.

So yeah.

We had a good time watching this guy throw a Frisbee for his dog.  Eventually it broke.  The dog was adorable, and we decided that if Matt was a dog, he would look like that dog.  I think he said it was half Border Collie and half Australian Shepherd, and it was ridiculously cute.  Still need to draw Matt and Brian as puppies.  Which means I need to learn how to draw puppies...

First chapter of Perchance to Dream is up, for all interested parties.  I've always wanted to classify a fic as "Humor/Angst," and now I finally got my chance.  Hooray!

It's so insane to be back in this town after a month away.  There's just this soft, zephyr-style breeze, and the sun's out, and we sat in the town square for a while, where the grass is Crayola green, the fountain's running, and just about everyone has either a child or a dog with them.  We seriously can't believe how much our hometown looks like a movie set.  Suburbia squared.  It's almost not really a small town, because of how far up into the hills it goes, but it's convinced that it is, and it has a Main Street of half-ritzy , half-homey stores and a blinding blue sky and a high school facade that's been used in television shows to back it up.

Crazy place.  eltea and I have remarked on how we honestly can't imagine raising kids anywhere else.

/nostalgia and brain dribbles