March 26th, 2008

Red Rose

Maybe Someday This Will Stop

Like when Spring Break ends.

By which I mean, more movie reviews!

Only two this time.  eltea, Richelle, and I indulged in some cinematic sightseeing again.  We obviously had to introduce Richelle to the wonders of Donnie Darko, about which my conclusions are even more awe of the Power of Jake, even more love for Drew Barrymore, and a rather better understanding of what the hell went on. Which is not to say that it's such a confusing movie that you should skip it; on the contrary, it's one of those where you see more every time you watch, and it's just so layered and intellectually complex that it requires a bit of work.  It's way worth it.  F'sho.

We also saw Pan's Labyrinth and Secondhand Lions.  I think I'm the only person who saw two movies I hadn't encountered before; eltea and Richelle got one each. :O

ANYWAYS.  No spoilers; just reactions.

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Tomorrow, or sometime in the near future, I'll probably be posting more of our old friend Vincent Duval, because we love him, and because Richelle needs to discover his highly-touted origins. :)

Well, highly touted by... me. >:D

I think I need to start going to bed sometimes now instead of indulging in movie marathons until obscene hours of the morning; I have a headache. x)
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