March 29th, 2008

Red Rose

Script Frenzy Angst

I've been tapping my foot trying to get rid of March for almost two weeks now, and last night (or, rather, this morning, while lying in bed attempting to sleep), I finally realized that I am absolutely not ready for Script Frenzy.

You see, what I have at the moment is one interesting protagonist, a few outlines of supporting characters, and a couple of scenes which may or may not be good, most of them hastily constructed around snippets of snappy dialogue.

This is not a movie script.

Certainly not a winning movie script.

Certainly not a movie script that is going to span a hundred pages and knock socks off, which is kinda what I'm looking for here.

I jotted scene ideas and little snatches of dialogue this morning (or, rather, this afternoon, since I didn't get up until 11:59), and I had... about eight scenes.  Many of which were follow-ups to smaller scenes before them.  And I drew one of those tacky plot diagrams from seventh grade, with the whole:
1. Exposition
2. Narrative Hook
3. Rising Action
4. Climax
5. Falling Action
6. Resolution

Yeah, didn't do me any good.  I don't have most of those things in any meaningful way.  Now, when I write books, and when I wrote my NaNo a year and a half ago, I didn't have much of that, either.  But I had a direction, at least sort of, and I had the leeway presented by a novel.  Novels can go on and on (and on and on), and provided that they're moving at a reasonable pace, you keep reading.  A movie can't do that.  When I wrote Gray Wolfe, i.e. my (apparently actually somewhat confusing) theatrical masterpiece of the summer, I had at least a vague idea about things like climaxes and so forth.  It worked out okay, though, like the "Her and Me" one, the climax there was too small and too quick to justify all the build-up.

All that rambling basically amounts to "I suck at plot outlines, and this time I need one."

I am needlessly getting that anxious-y feeling in my chest.  I need to go bang my head against a wall for a little while.

School is not going to be kind to me when I actually have to go back to it in a day and a half.

Good news is, The Gilded Golden Butterfly episode of the Backyardigans is among the best ones.  The kid who does Pablo's singing is angelically good.  We'll be very sad when his voice changes.  Yay for butterflies.
Blue Rose

When Scripts Attack

Aww, you guys are so nice to me.

To reward you, I will post MORE useless crap on my LiveJournal.  Yessss.  It is a brilliant plan.  And soon I will be unstoppable.

I am rather less inexplicably-flipping-out-ish now.  If worst comes to worst, I will just write the entire script along the lines of what I just did while working out how it is one goes about formatting, which you can peruse below.

And the prospective actors can just DEAL with my overzealous stage directions.  Control freakism is not a disease.  Or at least not a contagious one.

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