April 3rd, 2008

Red Rose


It's a talent of mine.

MOMMY, I DON'T WANNA DO MY ASTRONOMY HOMEWORRKKKKKK.  *tears*  *tantrum*  *flops around on the floor*

Anyhoo, hell has frozen over, because I started studying for my Greek Mythology test yesterday.  As in, earlier than the night before it was to take place.  This is a monumental event, albeit one that foresees the Apocalypse and dooms us all.

In my intense studies, which basically means skimming of the wordlists and review sheet, I discovered that pretty much everybody and their mother has a P name, and most of them end with "us" or "as" or "is" or something that sounds like that.  Watch.  And beware Greek gore.  It is not good to be named with a P.

Pentheus - Cadmus's grandson, king of Thebes, who gets ripped to pieces by his Dionysus-inspired crazy aunts in The Bacchae.
Pelias - The king of Iolkos, Jason's uncle, who sends him off after the Golden Fleece and then... chills, I dunno.  Cackles evilly, probably.
Perseus - The dude who killed Medusa (which released Pegasus, her and Poseidon's son, from her neck after Percy summarily decapitated her) and then went frolicking around and rescued Andromeda while he was at it.
Procrustes - This one dude who was an innkeeper, and who had a big bed and a short bed, and who put tall travelers in the short bed and cut off the overhang, and who put vertically-challenged travelers in the long bed and stretched them to fit, of whom Thesus kicked the ass as one of his labors, and from whom we derive the word "Procrustean."

There are about a bajillion others, too, which I am too lazy to write down.  Which probably bodes ill for my test tomorrow.  Um.

As you were.