April 4th, 2008

Red Rose

Art and Angst and Art-Angst

This icon always distracts me... I end up watching it a bunch of times.

Today I (think I) kicked the mythology test's sorry, lined-papered butt halfway to Hades.  I also participated in the discussion of Frankenstein, which I haven't finished reading.  I now need to write an essay on it, or perhaps a Romantic poet in our reader.  I mostly just want to write "No hable inglés" on a piece of paper and turn it in, but in addition to dooming my grade, that would be highly offensive, as my TA is Hispanic.


So everything went well until last night's two-in-the-morning bedtime, complete with lots of tossing and turning afterwards, caught up with me, and then I got all emo, per my tiredness pattern.  I've been so emo over the last month or two that I expect my wrists to start bleeding spontaneously.  Fer serious.  I need to get myself a My Chemical Romance T-shirt and move along.  (Amusingly/incidentally, [info]eltea went to an MCR concert last night with her brother.  Apparently it was pretty sweet.)  I will not, however, be dying my hair black.  As I discovered in a Photoshop project or two last year, I would look like hell warmed over with black hair.  Must be the pale-as-death complexion.  And the freckles.

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