April 13th, 2008

Red Rose

The Usual

As in, the usual wrap-up/exercise in procrastination.

*is back at school*

*does not want to be*

*only has about a month left, though, so will just shut up and deal with it*

We went and had dim sum for lunch today, because my ickle (half-)sister is turning thirteen on Thursday.  I am still coming to terms with the idea.  I don't actually remember my thirteenth birthday, but I do remember eltea's.  I wrote "You're a teenager.  I'm scared" on her card.  It feels like a very long time ago, and a time reserved to me, and a time that my sister should not be progressing through quite so soon.  I still have a very clear (all right, hazy, but recognizable) memory of her coming back from the hospital, and five-and-a-half-year-old me being like, "She's all red and fluffy and stuff...", and I was wearing my little navy blue corduroy jumper with the red apple on it and the red-and-white checked shirt, and she was heavier than I expected when I held her, but she didn't do much.  Five-year-old Tierfal's all, "Yeah, kids are overrated and stuff."

Anyway, we had dim sum, which is Chinese for "awesome."  Or it should be.  For those uninitiated in this Rite of Awesome, you pretty much sit at a table, and these servers with carts come around and show you all the stuff they have, and if you want one, you tell them, and they put it on your table, and usually it's got three or four dumplings or buns, or it's a plate of noodles, or what have you.  There's a great deal of variety, and it's not the same type of stuff you get at restaurants.  They stamp on your bill-card to keep track, and you drink craploads of tea, and it's pretty much just amazing.  So I had a great deal of sticky rice and a lot of custard and probably consumed an entire pot's worth of chrysanthemum tea just by myself, as usual, and it was fantasmic.  I also decided that, in the event that I ever manage to get a boyfriend, I will take him on a dim sum outing, partly to give him a wonderful cultural experience (for a culture of which I am not technically a part, aha!), and partly to give him the leap-into-cold-water introduction to my family.  It would be fun.  And extremely evil.  >:D  Plus I could watch him fumble around with chopsticks and stuff, and/or teach him how to use them, which would require much contact of hands and other such veiled flirtations.

I think about these things.

The rest of my day mostly consisted of not much, including sort of outlining the paper for which I need to write a rough draft by tomorrow -- though I think I may have salvaged it by altering it to the point of its being made of win, as I'm probably going to go through and sort-of make statements about Greek mythological influences in Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, and Percy Jackson now, rather than just the lattermost -- and then getting my hair cut.  Getting my hair cut entails running it under the bath tap, then going into my backyard and having my mom trim off a couple inches.  Because my hair is unfriendly and splits like crazy at the bottom.  So now it is decidedly fluffy, but it should hopefully be better by tomorrow.  I think when I finish undergrad, I'm just going to do something crazy and drastic and like cut huge heaping quantities of it off, or get weird bangs, or layers, or... I have no clue; something insane and transitional and whatever.  Just 'cause.

Now that I have probably sufficiently bored you, I will attempt to go back to some homework, presumably fail, and probably instead end up staying up until some ungodly hour working on it.  Chya.  It's the way we roll.