April 21st, 2008

Red Rose


Snippets of what, you ask?

Why, of useless information, of course!  What else do I ever provide?

My Wordsworth essay, which actually, I thought, turned out surprisingly well, was supposed to be returned today.  So I waited obediently while my GSI handed out a bunch of them, and then five or six of us were still standing there when the pile ran out.  And Javier's all, "...I've only graded two-thirds of them..."

Dude, that man wrote "I look forward to reading your next paper" on the comments of my last one.  Admittedly, I am not new to this insidious lie, but clearly, in this case, there was NO TRUTH in the sentiment.

No, I'm over it; I just found that slightly exasperating.  If I'd been late to my next class because of this fruitless waiting period, I'd've blown a gasket.

...and I don't even know what a gasket is.

My right eye is very red.  I am formulating a few hypotheses as to why this might be.

(a) I haven't gone to bed before two in the morning in about five days.
(b) I have contracted the Dread Pirate Roberts Disease Pink-Eye, which I used to get every now and again as a kid.
(c) The blood vessels in my eye are all busted, and I will soon succumb to a brain hemorrhage like Tennyson's critic friend Arthur Hallam did at the tender young age of twenty-two.
(d) I am well on the road to becoming a zombie à la Doom or "28 Days Later" or whichever video game or movie it is that I'm thinking of.  Or maybe I'm thinking of Warnick (i.e. the origin of our old pal Vincent Duval).  I'll have you know I made up the drastic effects of that drug thing.  It was all highly ambiguous, and I decided that the splitting of major arteries in order to spew blood everywhere was sufficiently gruesome.
(e) What the crap is Tierfal talking about now?

I think (e) is probably the best answer.

I know I update you people on this thing every day, but first, I wuvs my Scwipt Fwenzy, and second, it's pretty much the only thing of interest going on in my life.  Sad but true.

Anyway, I thought I'd be way behind after my Epic Weekend Adventure, but I'm actually pretty much caught up.  Okay, so I'm half a page or so behind, but that's pretty much nothing.  And if I write a fat conversation in the next fifteen minutes, I'll be right on the money.  SHAZAM!

I'm NOT doing it!  And I should be!  What else is new??