April 25th, 2008

Red Rose

The Agony of Education

So I just got the four-page rough draft of my needs-to-be-six-to-eight-pages (and probably will be dangerously close to going over presuming that I ever write the remaining two sections) back from my GSI, Sean O'Neill, owner of the most blatantly Irish name since Finley O'Malley.  Yes, I have a character named "Finley O'Malley."  He's an Irish werewolf, okay?  Don't hate.

Anyway, Sean has decided to push me.  Blah blah blah no clear thesis blah blah blah let's work on this blah blah blah perfectly reasonable because the paper is pretty damn sad, all things considered and more blah blah blah.  SEEEAAANN!!!  NO PUSHING!  I'M TELLING!

Honestly, what does this guy think, that I'm at college to broaden my intellectual and academic horizons or something?!


I'm here for the BOYS, DUH!!!

*more crickets*

Yes, we can all see how well that's working out.

Really, though, Sean is the best GSI I have ever had.  He is made of awesome and win.  Also, he's cute.  Especially today, because he was wearing jeans and Converses, instead of the usual khakis and a collared shirt, which, as he explained to one of the other people asking after an essay, is for "teaching days."  AWW, YOU'RE CUTE.  *pets him*

Sean: ...O_o

Anyway, I'll have to go seek direction in Office Hours on Monday, wheeeee.  And in my next class, I should, Javier permitting, be getting back that Wordsworth essay.  It was a pretty good essay, or so I believed at the time, but "pretty good" and "A plus plus plus" are two different things.  Sadly.  Now, the ideal would be if "pretty crappy" and "A plus plus plus" were the same thing.  Then my life would be rather a bit easier.

ANYHOO, I'll stop beleaguering the world at large with useless information about my study habits or lack thereof.  CIAO.
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