April 26th, 2008

Red Rose


So mah house is about an hour's drive south of my school, so my stepdad picked me up yesterday.  We took a detour, however, to stop at his work, because he needed to finish up a few things.

While we were there, I (a) ate a bunch of Girl Scout-y Brand Chocolate-Covered Toffee Bites and cashews;
(b) read the first chapter or two of The Kite Runner, which I also spent most of today perusing.  My verdict so far is that it's good, but kind of depressing, and that I'd sort of expected it to be this pinnacle of literature, wisdom, prose, etc., etc., etc., given the way people talk about it.  And it seemed early on like Hosseini was just piling unnecessary woes on his main character, whose case is not particularly helped by the first-person thing, which I tend to have issues with, but I'm liking it a lot better now that I'm closer to halfway through.

Er, anyway.

So I discovered a great deal of awesome things, and I took cell-phone pictures, and then later I figured out how to access them, and now the world can admire them.

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I saw the Giant Problem episode of the Backyardigans again today, and this song once again reminded me how amazing life is.  YAY.