April 29th, 2008

Red Rose

And There Was Much Win

Today was a very good day creatively.

Academically, I have done slightly more than jackshit.  Which, admittedly, is better than just jackshit.  But not by much.

Also, my student campus-food-store-y thing gets uber-props.  Yesterday I had a throbbing headache right between the eyes that made me want to die, but I, being the brilliant human being that I am, left my bottle of ibuprofin (Headache Wonder Drug Extraordinaire) on the kitchen table when I was at home.  HEADDESK!... oh, wait, that makes the headache worse.  Lolz.  Well, anyway, I felt a bit of a headache early today, then popped into the campus-food... whatever I called it before class, and they had ADVIL.  Which I could purchase with my EXCESS MEAL POINTS.  It was win.  My headache went away on its own, only to return again this afternoon, at which point I got to consume an Advil Liqui-Gel and feel like Neo in "The Matrix."


...which is the one that sends you back home, but WHATEVER, it was still cool.

Anyhoo, on the INTERESTING STUFF front, today I:

- wrote Sirius/Lupin slash, which I'm going to have to throw at my beta (eltea; are you shocked?) once her life stops being quite so insane so that I can post it, along with the three other finished fics I have, one of which has been beta'd, and which I nonetheless haven't posted...


You don't even have to tell me how amazing I am.  I know.

So yeah, a hundred and fifteen pages later, I feel ridiculously awesome. :D :D :D :D

I might have had other things to say once upon a time, but the glee inspired by my epic win pretty much chased it all out of my brain.  I am unbelievably pleased with myself.

Though I'm going to miss all my adorable characters.  They're all so cute. :3