April 30th, 2008

Red Rose

Yin Yang

Because all things must have balance, and Zen-y stuff like that.


time: imminent
status: hitting the fan
prognosis: complete destruction of all things holy and enjoyable

I would bore you with the specifics of all the school crap, but it's boring, so I won't. :D  Suffice to say that there are three long papers and four finals between me and freedom.  EQUALS DEATH.

And I dunno why I keep randomly coming up with stuff that I then feel compelled to write.  Especially not-all-that-good stuff, like today.  >_>

I need to go finally finish reading Frankenstein so that I don't have to write the seven pages of my Monday essay on Wuthering Heights, which I didn't reread from last year.


Also, cross your fingers for eltea finishing her Script Frenzy by midnight.  *crosses*  ...And your toes, too, while you're at it.
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