May 1st, 2008

Red Rose

Once upon a time... was a good day.

eltea and I had a three-hour conversation last night while her roommate was out getting wasted and mine was presumably out studying the Bible, and then I was up until four writing a story for some random challenge I found on deviantART, at which point I sent it to her, as she was doing homework for her writing class.  At which point she was like, "What about that first thing you made up?", which I had forgotten.  At which point I was like, "I'll write that tomorrow and stick it in..."  At which point I finally went to bed.

Despite the ungodly hour, I can sleep in until ten and still get to my eleven o'clock class with time to spare, so I did.  I was actually more awake than usual.  I wrote the scene I'd managed to skip before and during the lecture, which as an interesting one.  Writing the date for my notes, I remembered that today was the day that English class admittances were going to be posted.

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If and when I finish that dA story later, I'll post the link.

I now have a shitload of homework to do and even less motivation to do it than I had before.

Game over.

I almost want to boycott that class as a matter of principle, but I'll probably just set myself up for another fall next semester and try to get in again.  I won't have changed, or not markedly, and I doubt that they will have either.

Someone on said that the teacher I was signing up for had made people quit writing.  Interesting that everything I'm working on now looks terribly juvenile now, and I didn't even have to meet her.
Blue Rose


I felt much better after getting that out.  I've still been a bit up and down all day, but the consensus seems to be that I'll survive. :)

Have happiness in the form of an odd music video: She Drives Me Flipping CRAZY

Sometimes I wish I'd seen more than four months of the eighties...

In any case, I finally submitted my bizarre deviantART contest story thingy.  I mature'd it, 'cause my protagonist relies a great deal on certain four-letter words, which means that you can't read it unless you have a dA account, but... they're free, and... your existence will not be much altered by it whether you read it or not anyway, so no worries. XD

I still haven't done any homework.  This might be IS a problem.