May 2nd, 2008

Red Rose

Friday Night Par-tay

Only a Tierfal kind of party, which means not really like anybody else's party at all.

A quick play-by-play of "Helena":
Gerard Way: HAWT
Video: Seriously mind-blowing

Watch itttttttttttttt

I'm probably going to become a huge My Chemical Romance fan within the next week/few weeks/month or so.  *shakes head fondly, recalling all the times she gave them so much crap for being emo, when in actuality their songs are all upbeat and often remarkably uplifting*

You knew it was inevitable that I would someday embrace my inner emo kid.  I will soon wear black shirts daily, instead of just very frequently, and will pop by what's-that-place Urban Outfitters and buy myself some ties.  And I will wear skinny jeans, despite the fact that they will be the DEVIL given my personal anatomy.

Just a heads-up.

Also, I writed another original thingy on deviantART because I can.  Read itttttttttt

I'm done now.  I think.