May 5th, 2008

Red Rose

Peace, Love, Food, and MCR

It's honestly all I could ever need in life.  Srsly.

Funny that I'm not feeling the mere four hours of sleep I got last night... I dunno.  High on life.  And on peace, love, food, and MCR.

First, I would like to extend everything in me of love and adoration to eltea, who was up until three waiting for me to finish that paper so that she could edit it.  Darlin', you're the shit squared, and my existence would be a travesty of its current incarnation without you.  I would be genuinely emo, only not in the good way.  I might have clinical depression problems.


As you can probably gather from my fangirlish behavior yesterday and the day before, I'm still binging like nobody's business on The Black Parade.  SO AMAZINGGGGG.  The only time this has ever happened before was with DecemberUnderground by A.F.I. -- where I love something about every single song to death, and there isn't a single lame one on the whole album.  Ten bucks extraordinarily, excessively well-spent, no kidding.

Went to talk to Sean again this morning about that pesky paper thing.  I sort of half-formulated a thesis-ish-resembling thing while talking to my mommy yesterday.  I had to wait a couple minutes, 'cause I think Sean has a class before, so I wrote stuff while I did, and then Sean came in with a bunch of bags and went, "Hey!  For waiting, do you want a bagel and some orange juice??", and I'm like, "....SURE!"

Yes, the way to my heart is through my stomach.  Er, and my head, too.  But, uh, mostly the stomach.

It wasn't like a crappy bagel, either.  It was from NOAH'S.  Anyways.  We talked about paper stuff.  It yielded, "Or you could focus on how they approach the fantastical and monstrous... Well, I don't want to write your paper for you."  "Oh, please do!"

<3 Sean.  Then in section later, he definitely gave us candy.  And then passed out the GSI evaluations.  TRICKY SEAN.  I was like, "Do you guys practice handwriting analysis for this?  Track us down on Facebook later and leave nasty messages?"

/self-aggrandizing self-quoting

But yeah, I ought to work on the first part of that piece o' crap paper so that I can go to Sean's office hours again tomorrow.  'Cause it's like the last time.  And I gon miss my Seanny Sean.  *tears up*

A world that sends you reeling
From decimated dreams
Your misery and hate will kill us all
So paint it black
And take it back
Let's shout it loud and clear
Defiant to the end we hear the call
To carry on
We'll carry on

- "Welcome to the Black Parade" - My Chemical Romance (are you SHOCKED?) -
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