May 15th, 2008

Red Rose


Influx of written word-style crap!

Okay, not really.

Just like two things.

Tipsy is the newest with Sam and Adrian, to whom I am apparently irrevocably addicted.

The Dangers of Over-Hearing is a slightly silly little Lupin-Tonks fic that has been loitering around the bowels of my computer for a very long time (probably a whole MONTH, holy cow), which I've been procrastinating putting up because I was convinced it was terrible.  It's slightly pointless, but upon revisiting it, I have revised my opinion.  It's cute.  Good enough. :P  Plus it's no longer between me and posting the angsty, 4,000-word L/T also sitting on my computer and then the Lupin-Sirius slash I'm actually quite pleased with.  Because I like to post things in the order I write them.  For some reason.

Um, /digression.

I needz study nao.  DO NOT WANT.  >(

It's really hot, and I am having difficulties compelling myself to do much of anything... I made the ten-minute trek to a campus cafe earlier to get water and pomegranate lemonade and blue books to take my finals in and more Advil, and it felt EPIC.  I'm down to a tank top and a really light cotton skirt, only there's this dead breeze that offers very little relief -- but does instill one with the constant fear of getting one's skirt fwoofed right into one's face, to one's eternal social humiliation.  Probably to one's immediate retreat into hermit-ness.

Anyway, it's hot, and I'm hella lazy. :P