May 17th, 2008

Red Rose


I forgot to mention how I won on my final that I effed up yesterday.  In my essay, I wrote the words "this philosophy proves particularly prevalent."  Yeah.  I went there.

My final today wasn't too bad, except for the fact that I failed at recognizing warriors' epithets.  Greek Wall?  Ajax.  Got it.  The Suffering Man?  Got to be Odysseus.  The Great Runner?  No idea.  The Horse Breaker?  Um, yer mom?

Wikipedia time.

ACHILLES AH FAIL I almost put that.  I think I put Agamemnon instead, because I'm a twit.  Lol, Firefox's spell-check also informs me that I spelled "Agamemnon" wrong every single time I wrote it on that test.  And there were about eighteen times.  Thank heavens there's leeway with that.

Aaaaand the Horse-Breaker is Hector.  It figures.  I put Menelaus.  Because I'm still a twit.

Other than that, it went pretty well, excepting the fact that my attention span ran out, it was uncomfortably warm, I got a mere B on my slaved-upon and angsted-over Greek myths in Harry Potter paper, and the tech guy wasn't there, so we started late and had this flickering, really distracting strobe light thing going on the whole time.  Do not want.  One of the TAs had to sit in the front row and hold the projector in his lap so that we could do image identifications.  It was ghetto.

I learned yesterday while not studying that I HAVE to see the new Narnia movie, not just because it sounds pretty crazy-awesome, but also because Eddie Izzard is voicing some character I don't even remotely remember.  If I had the power to bestow immortality on a dozen people in the world, Eddie Izzard would be one of them.

Speaking of people who should be immortal, the girl whose cell phone rang twice during the test shouldn't.  It was actually slightly nice to get a reprieve, however, because her very loud ringtone was "Umbrella," which got me to thinking about this video.  That's the good kind of distraction.

I have made an enemy on deviantART by criticizing her snarkiness.  She's the judge of that contest I entered.  I'm DEFINITELY going to lose now, despite the fact that my entry was not loser material.  (I read all the others.  There was one that was actually very good, but that's about it.)  Time to go fight her again.  Then I should go pack up some of my stuff so that my parents can lug it back tomorrow.

My roommate, incredibly, is GONE.  Apparently she just had remarkably early finals.  I dance inside.  Especially since I was ready to eat her last night when she was packing things in plastic bags at one thirty in the morning while I was trying to get some sleep.