May 18th, 2008

Red Rose

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One of my next year's roommates overheard an amazing conversation while she was studying yesterday.

Guy 1: (trying to get his pen back from Guy 2) Hey, I need that pen, or else I can't tell who wrote what.
Guy 2: (keeping it away from him) Ha, ha, I just wrote "I'm gay" on your paper, so it looks like you're gay.
Guy 1: I don't think people who are gay write "I'm gay" on their papers.
Guy 3: I dunno, I write "I'm straight" on mine. (goes over to the chalkboard and writes "I'm straight")

Yes, these are engineering students at UC Berkeley.  You may now cry yourself to sleep, having had your faith in mankind and/or the generation that will inherit the Earth utterly destroyed.

Today was a strikingly good day.  My master plan proceeded perfectly: I set my alarm for 10 AM, got up, turned my phone on, went back to sleep, was woken by a call from my mom at 11 telling me my familia had left home, got up for real, got dressed and ready, and then met them at noon when they arrived.  I treated them to a ritzy lunch at the dining commons, then we moved a bunch of stuff out of my room so that it'll be easier on Tuesday to get the rest.  Before they arrived, I discovered that I managed to get one of my Facebook friends addicted to MCR, and after they left, I found that I won that girl's contest, despite the fact that she may well still hate my sorry guts.  KEE-RAZY.

Did realize, however, that I'm RSVPed to another of my prospective roommate's boyfriend's birthday party Saturday, by which time I will probably be at my dad's house.  She and I determined at dinner, however, that just chilling with them in advance will be quite sufficient.  It's going to be a big party.

Kind of weird just thinking about it, 'cause this guy was in my kindergarten class, and he was also on the school paper last year.  He lives down the street from me, too.  His dog definitely bit me years ago when I was delivering Girl Scout cookies and scarred me for life... But I'm pretty sure he has a different dog now, so that should be all right.  XD

Yeah, I was bouncing earlier, but I've run out of sugarhigh now. :P  I dreamed up a Snape-Lily fic this morning, oddly enough, and have much more Sam and Adrian to write, and need to get going on Cataracta, and... am not finding myself capable of writing much of anything.  Oh dear.
Red Rose


I know I posted like ten minutes ago, but you must watch this video that  my sister sent me.  It is adorable and amazing and hilarious and fun for the whole family!

Cats + Engineers

Equals... WIN!
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