May 19th, 2008

Red Rose


In twelve hours, I will be submitting myself to the inevitable doom that is my astronomy final.  In THIS intimidating building, no less.  *flails arms wildly and uncontrollably*  I went to a two-hour review session this evening, zoned out about a half-dozen times, and am generally crossing my fingers, because I really... really... really... don't want to try to study right now.  FAIL.  I calculated that I only need an eighty percent on the final to get an even ninety percent in the class, which would be more encouraging if I hadn't barely scraped up an eighty-four on the last midterm, which I did study for.


On a much more awesome note, let's give a great, big, not-studying Tierfal welcome to orual_dreaming, who is my new LJ pal, and who ships everybody and their mother with everybody else and their mother, and who does it extraordinarily well. YAAAAYYY.

And now the wonders of what I did today.

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I needz go study nao, lolz.

Holy crap, lookit all those tags. :O