May 25th, 2008

Red Rose

It's Funny...

...because I was sure that college would change us more.

I mean, I feel like just one year has seen some pretty considerable changes in, if not so much my personality, at least my outlook.  Shit happened, you know?  It was quite unlike anything I'd ever survived done before.  And I'm not sure quite what it is, but my big brother and I still understand each other impeccably.  I don't know what it is.  Last summer we didn't actually talk all that much, because I was always sitting on the couch IMing eltea, and he was always sitting on the floor playing World of Warcraft not too far away, wearing into the floor and flattening the pillow he used as a cushion (I kid you not. :P).  And maybe it's being united by our vague foreignness in a household in which we are neither indispensable nor integrated, but we just seem to be getting along extraordinarily well, like the olden days, when I could say with all certainty that my brother was my best friend.  And I would've thought we'd have moved in different directions now, and maybe we have, and we have both independently, in those different directions, better learned how to deal with people and, by extension, each other.  That's about the best way I can come up with to explain the quality chillin' out we did yesterday, including the fact that we talked about random this, that, and the other for half an hour before going to sleep last night, despite the fact that it was two-thirty when we started.  It was a little startling the other night, when we were playing Cranium and, for a competitive Pictionary clue, drew pictures that were mirror images of each other.  The prompt was "astronaut," and we both drew a guy in a suit, then a cord connecting him to a rocketship, in a field of stars.  Now, his ship was on the left, and mine was on the right, and he actually has a command of the pencil, but it was still frightening.

Of course, maybe over the course of a whole summer spent in each other's company, we'll come to hate each other's guts, but then, maybe not.  :)

And oh yeah.  Little old movie thing.

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