May 29th, 2008

Red Rose


"Meme" is a very odd word.  Is it supposed to be two "me"s in succession?  Wikipedia has failed me.

Sooooooo... I haz two book memes for you.  The first eltea made up eons ago, because she is cool like that, and I came up with all of my answers then and then tweaked them last night, when I acquired another book meme and was like, "HAI, ONCE UPON A TIEM..."

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And now for ANOTHER book meme, this one lifted from otterdance, who is the fantasmic Lynn Flewelling mentioned above, and whom I stalk on LJ because I'm creepy like that.

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There you have it.  You are ALL TAGGED, by virtue of your reading this.  Provided that you feel like it. :P
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