June 7th, 2008

Red Rose

Mikami Wants You to Read This

So read on -- or face the wrath of Sakujo Man.


1. People in my fics who are in love act like it.
2. Suicide, self-harm, smoking – I've written 'em all. Do I condone them? Absolutely not. Do I find them fascinating to write about? Evidently, yes. If you need someone, for any reason, even if you just want somebody to talk to, don't hesitate to message me. I'm pretty much… uh… always… here…
3. If you say that something in one of my stories is bad, cliché, stupid, or what have you, please (a) give a reason, and (b) leave a contact, so that I can ask you for specifics. You might very well have a perfectly valid point, but I can't improve unless you explain what you're saying. Make sense? :D
4. There is no spoon.
5. Flamers are stupid. Do you honestly have nothing better to do with your time? XD Make some friends! Get some fresh air! Take up knitting! ANYTHING!
6. I'm American, and dreadfully so, so if anything doesn't make sense or proves offensive, please accept my sincerest, profoundest, and most profuse apologies. Oh, language, you fickle creature.
7. My Harry Potter muse is rather like Hermione – persistent, but polite, and capable of taking a hint when she's not wanted. My Death Note muse is more like Mello – sexy, obnoxious, and heavily-armed. O_o Both of those muses are in Barbados, getting suburned and buying kitschy souvenirs.
8. Mello has also single-handedly turned me into something of an omnishipper – though there are still a couple ships I won't head to the docks for. :P
9. I've turned off anonymous reviews. I finally got tired of not being able to defend my choices, correct errors, explain things, and thank people – and for heaven's sake, accounts are free! XD
10. Please don't tell me you hate a character. I don't give a shit. If I hated whoever it was, I wouldn't be writing about him or her, and I really just don't want to hear about your issues with a completely fictional personage. Kthnx. :D


1. "Betelgeuse," podfic'd. Poorly. By me. Oh, God.
2. The Killing Lights – READ THIS FIC, GOD DAMN IT!
3. Slinkers on deviantART. Because she's awesome.
4. "Paralyzer" by Finger Eleven is the song that the fic "Struck" goes to. "Any Way You Want It" by Journey is the song that the fic "Any Way You Want It" goes to. Makes sense.


1. thi_hoai, known as rapelezfille on FF.net, drew two amazing pieces for "The End Is Near": L from Chapter 19 and Mello from Chapter 25. I never did anything to deserve this kind of treatment. ♥
2. Curious-Is-Alice did an adorable "Pure Chance" Near for me because I am a kiriban thief.
3. Lazy-Jay pitched in a really wonderful, atmospheric girl!Mello from "Give an Inch," because she is fantastic. :3
4. eltea made me the coolest TEIN tribute ever for Christmas the year the fic came out. 8D
5. plutokitty drew an absolutely superfantastic movie-cover-esque piece for "Like Old Times." Worship it!
6. Likewise, pride1289 did an adorable, charismatic piece for the same fic. I love it. :D

Red Rose

Well, Actually...

Ron gets out pretty well, all told.

Yessirreebob, I rewrote the Deathly Hallows epilogue for a deviantART contest.  And it is cheesy and schmaltzy and you'll love it.

...I hope. :P

May 2, 2002

Still fighting tooth and nail with all my other projects.... We'll see how many actually get done. :P