June 11th, 2008

Red Rose


Sooooo... sometimes things just work out nicely, and then you feel amazingly cool for a little while before the world comes back.

Let's give the usual warm, slightly perturbing Tierfal welcome to [info]elawvu3, who swears that she is not a stalker, which is more than criterion enough to become my LJ friend!  Hoorah!

Today I spent many hours gallivanting around with [info]baronanriel, highly unsurprisingly, and, that done, applied my fizzling brain to the task of improving the Gerard mood theme.  Because damn it, I MUST have a Gerard mood theme.  Don't even question the necessity of the Gerard mood theme.  Okay?

...really, though, next time you're about to go, "God, I'm such a dork," just pause and consider the fact that I spent a cumulative, oh, probably... six hours scrounging for pictures, sizing them, setting them up, titling them, and arranging them per LJ's specifications so that I could have a personalized LiveJournal mood theme revolving around the lead singer of My Chemical Romance.  Yeah.  Think about that one.

Although I managed to eff up a few of them, it is a job well-done, and I am pleased.

Also, I am gleeful about the_new_library awards thingy, which I didn't even know existed until today, 'cause Cornered is inexplicably entered into Gen Angst or some such category of win-ness.  No, actually, I've always been very happy with that piece; it turned out better than I anticipated, and I like it.  And orual_dreaming has about a billion things nominated, and I know I saw at least one of emm718's, so go and... support... vote... be awesome... etc.  All three of you. ;)