June 14th, 2008

Red Rose

Cotton Candy!

It's so weird and illogical, isn't it?  Or maybe that's just me.

Probably just me.

Uhh, anyway.

Went and saw "Beauty and the Beast" last night, 'cause the company that does it, of which I was a member last year, is essentially a theatrical mafia.  The director actually asked me after the show, "When you graduate, do we get you back?", to which I replied, "YES!!!!"... I have been planning my return to the ranks since first I left them.  Eagerly anticipating it.  And even if they weren't so mafia-ly, they do amazing shows without fail, so it's consistently awesome squared.  This was the director's adaptation of B&B, which was promising from the get-go given that he is The Man, and it turned out even more wonderfully than I expected.  It was wickedly clever and extremely funny, and it had a sort of sanctified feel to it in some places, though I'm not even quite sure what I mean by that.  And eltea, of course, was amazing, and got more laughs than any other character in the entire show.  FOR SERIOUS.  'Cause she is win.  x)  Anyway, I'd go on about it more, but most of my darling LJ peeps aren't local and wouldn't exactly be able to see it anyway, so... yeah.  It was very much fun.  :P

So eltea and I finally went to sleep about two last night/this morning -- or, at least, that was when I succumbed to the weight of my incorrigible eyelids -- and then we got up at ten to go to the Boardwalk.  Yay Boardwalk!  It was most enjoyable, as we did the usual: went on our favorite ride a grand total of four times and gorged ourselves on ridiculously expensive food.  We also had to put up with a truly absurd twenty-minute wait for pizza, after which we were just about ready to kill all and sundry who crossed our path.  The incompetent operators of the pizza booth were in SRS DANGER, kids.  They're just damn lucky I don't know where they live.

Then I came home and gorged myself on leftovers as well.  I am just gorgeous.


And I'm high, but what else is new?  I took a picture of that mural I spent eons describing last time, but it's on eltea's camera, and she's off doing the show again.  I'm totally braindead now, which explains both the rambling cadence of this entry (worse even than usual!) and the fact that I just typed eltea's real name and realized only after staring at it for a few good seconds what was wrong.  omgfail.