June 19th, 2008

Red Rose

That Was Close...

Good Heavens, what adrenaline.  Submitted my metamorfic_moon fic at the last possible second.  Figured LJ would count the post from when I started it, i.e. at 11:37 PM, rather than when I technically posted it, i.e. at 12:01 AM, but wasn't entirely confident until I did post the damn thing.

So without further ado....

Title: Indisputable
Rating & Warnings: PG.  As for warnings… well.  Substance abuse on the part of the author, the substance in question being said author’s brain.  Friends don’t let friends write weird.  Also, there are a lot of little references to the monologue the prompt is from, which can be found here. :)
Prompts: “Frailty, thy name is woman!” (Hamlet, I.ii.146) and “charm”
Word Count: 2262
Summary: An ordinary afternoon in Grimmauld Place gives way to an extremely odd stakeout for a certain witch and werewolf duo.
Author’s Notes: I had more trouble with this fic than you can possibly imag… well, you’re all pretty creative, so you probably can imagine.  Suffice to say I had no ideas, I changed my mind eighteen times, and then, when I buckled down, it still fought tooth and nail every step of the way.  Jeez. XD  Also, I did my best to self-Brit-pick, but… I apologize in advance for my American-bred lameness.

It's practically crackfic; read at your own risk here.

It was pretty damn close at the end, har har har.  I also owe [info]eltea my life, as usual, for a supafast beta at the last possible second.  Srsly, this girl is the shit, and I adore her. x)

...and not just when she's terribly useful; what do you mean to imply? D:

I bought three pairs of jeans for fifteen dollars each today, and I am pleased with myself.

Also, I'm utterly exhausted, and I'm going the hell to bed now. XD
Red Rose

Hot Damn!

Today follows a tradition of very odd days, of which there is usually one each summer, upon which it is seventy degrees inside my house, and I am utterly regardless totally freezing for a few hours.  I am a strange individual, I will be the first to admit.

Collapse )

In other news, I get to see The Tempest tomorrow night.  I am unreasonably excited. :D

Saturday morning, we're starting our road trip up to Canada.  I have not yet been informed whether or not I will be permitted to bring my computer, though I will argue heartily in its favor.  In the event that I can tote my baby with me, I don't actually know how much I'll be online... Theoretically, enough to check my friends list and whatnot, but what with those sketchy hotel internet connections and all that Family Time crap... LAME! XD  Really, though, I'll need my baby.  I can't write without it.  Okay, I can write perfectly well without it, but the convenience factor is entirely lost.  Which is uncool to the max.  Word up.

...I have crossed lines that cannot be uncrossed, and it chafes against my perception of myself as a human being.
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Red Rose

There's lame, and then there's Tierfal

I got tired and now feel lame.  I hate that.  Even ice cream didn't help.  Crap.  Fail.  FAIL.

In the realm of the not-lame, the first little bit is up on cataracta_u.  Most of it will be locked simply so that we have a database of our stuff, but there will occasionally be public stuff, which you can peruse and worship.  What will be the first words of the first book are up there for your perusing and worshiping pleasure.  Don't tell me you have better things to do, because I know you're lying, and it's only three hundred and fifty words.  Hop to it.

...or else.

Pizza tonight will make it better.  Because pizza has powers that the mind cannot even begin to comprehend.