June 22nd, 2008

Red Rose

Day Two


...temporarily, at least.

Today is eltea's birthday, which, because I am teh uber-lamez, I am missing.  DAMN.  In any case, my darlingest darling is hella old now, but I think she's still got a couple good years left in 'er.  HUGS FOR EVERYONE, though she gets dibs.  Hugs are rather cheaper than drinks, you know.  And more fun.

eltea, snugglemuffin, please don't mold.  I luff you the way you are now.

(This is what we call apostrophe, because eltea is actually performing in a show right now, ergo I cannot actually be addressing her.)

CRIPES, I'm even less coherent than I feared.

I have an image-spam-filled excuse, though, which is called...

Collapse )

I'm a bit off at the moment, but I will do my best to catch up on all you peeps' entries.  And stuff.  Yeah.  *pokes brain*

Brain: *squish*

An ominous onomatopoeia, to say the least.