June 24th, 2008

Red Rose

Day Four

Tomorrow, it'll be halfway done.  WHOOOOOO.

So we're in Canada now, which kind of worries me.

There actually isn't much picspam this time, 'cause my camera battery is virtually dead, and I spent the vast majority of the car ride trying and failing to sleep.

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But yeah, just five more days to go....


I'm coming back, love
Cool Heathcliff
My one dream
My only master

- "Wuthering Heights" - Pat Benatar -

This song gave me unrealistic expectations about the book.  Like expectations that the book wouldn't suck.
Red Rose

A Quick (?!) Introduction

Because I am a masochist, I've given into the immense temptation and joined [info]brigits_flame, which is a prompt-giving writing community.  Accordingly, I shall now regale my darling regulars and all the unfortunate members of the community with an introduction. >:D

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You may now return to your normally-scheduled lives. :P