June 28th, 2008

Red Rose

Day Eight

Almost hoooommeeeee! :D

So I managed to submit for that contest.  By six minutes.  All hail eltea, plot genius and beta goddess!

Turned out pretty well, though if I'd had today, I feel like I could have clarified a lot of things and made it much prettier on the whole.  Eh.  Close-the-hell-enough.  I wrote a lot of it in a moving car, in my defense.  And got a little carsick during the climax.  It was intense, doods.  INTENSE.

Now that I have over-pimped the hell out of it...  "I was six when I found out how I was going to die."

I then proceeded to start the spin-off piece for Mark Kessley of the Sam and Adrian universe.  <3 Mark.  Fer serious.  He amuses me. x)

After that brief literary interlude, we return to our regularly-schedule picspam.

Collapse )

...so that's that.