June 30th, 2008

Red Rose

Day Wif My Eltea!!

I had a day with my eltea today.  It was most enjoyable.  I have been severely lacking in eltea these last... ever.  XD

So we wandered around downtown, had French bread, went to Borders so I could buy "Donnie Darko" and Shadows Return (NIGHTRUNNER SQUEEEEEEE), had mass amounts of candy, made up millions more things to write, watched a few episodes of "Futurama," and convinced me to turn something we recently started into a webcomic.  Productive day.  Will doom any hopes I had of finishing stuff I was supposed to.  Lawl FAIL.

...I promise the third part of the "Her and Me" trilogy will be written... someday.  Because I want to write about Jonas.  Er, because it is a deeply touching literary experience, and the story begs to be told.  Or something writer-ly like that...

The one that really makes me twitch is the Dramione one I've got most of.  For some reason, I wrote everything except the exciting parts, whereas it's usually the other way around: I get excited about the dramatic stuff and write it first.  And now I'm all like *FLAILS LIMBS* rather than writing it.  Because I'm a doof. ;)

I am a doof who is very glad to be home, however.  And who acquired a bit of a sun headache. XD
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