July 3rd, 2008

Red Rose

Stuff and Things (Again)

I am, as my fill-in thingy assures me, rehashing old titles.  You know what?  It's HARD to title an LJ entry.  Who's with me?


So I lost that contest, to a weak and fairly disturbing emo-fest self-pity-orgy piece with poor punctuation.  Unfortunately, I had such an amazing day with eltea and baronanriel yesterday that I couldn't get properly outraged about this injustice. x)

Hmm, not much else to report.  Saw James Blunt on "Sesame Street" this morning, singing "A Triangle" to "You're Beautiful."  I LOL'D.  Then, after he finished, his triangle came back, and he hugged it, and it was adorable.  AWW.  And you can watch the whole thing here, if you're curious... Telly rocks out.

Then I went on a walk with my mom in the eighty-degree heat, wearing a black shirt and my black cowboy hat.  FUN.  I almost melted.  Then I came back and washed my hair in cold water so that my mom could trim it for me.  It was enjoyable.

Now I am going to sit on my ass and talk to my peeps and read Nightrunner for the rest of the day.  That's my favorite kind. 8D