July 5th, 2008

Red Rose


Amazing day yesterday, though it was somewhat lacking in eltea-ly goodness. ;_;

jenwryn gets the OMG award of the day, because she did a podfic thingy for Linked Together.  You can read the original here, and you can download and listen to Jenny's beautiful voice reading it here.  IT'S SO AMAZING. x)

I've been meaning to do one of those, but she beat me to it.  Also, I don't have a flipping awesome accent.  One of these days, I may convince eltea to help me do some sort of rendition with her computer, since it might amuse you all to be able to hear my gratingly cynical voice for yourselves, after having to sift through my gratingly cynical observations in text every day.  True story. ;)


Though eltea needs to come online so that I can pester her, and also so that we can arrange to go on an epic road trip upon which we will party it up like the sketch teenagers that we are.  Her mom will party it up with us, I'm sure.  As will her fifteen-year-old brother.  W00T.
Blue Rose

And So Forth

Sometimes, I randomly get to thinking of a song, and then it's stuck in my head until I pry it out with pliers.

Settle down now and sit with me
Let me tell you how this all came to be
A yellow flower with your petals to the air
Flying on paper wings that brought you here

Summer rolls on in lazy hours
An ether dream way of hummingbirds and clouds
Midnight swims in the cool black waves
And you in my arms as it rolls away

Little dandelion
Let your heart keep time
Now the clouds are gone
All your tomorrows shine

-- "Dandelion" -- Audioslave --