July 15th, 2008

Red Rose

Y Hallo Thar

Noticed my conspicuous four-day absence, HAVE YOU?

Well.  I was five hours away.  And only just got back today.  And was checking LJ a little bit here and there on eltea's beast of a computer, though the internet at the hotel was so obscenely slow that I was a bit negligent and mostly just cruised.

I now have "Cruiser" running through my head.  Damn you, the Cars!

...Got cut from brigits_flame.  Am a bit put-out, because I thought mine was a really potent entry.  Hate popularity contests and all variants of them that pretend to be other things.  Didn't win a thing over at metamorfic_moon, either, as I discovered a few days ago.  Am apparently a loser lately.  Ah, well.  Had a nice day of gaping at massive trees, frying in the car listening to My Chemical Romance, and then toodling around with baronanriel for a while upon returning home.  The usual.

I am babysitting for teh moneyz tomorrow afternoon and then probably toodling around some more, but when I acquire a brain (which, unfortunately, may be never at this rate), I will attempt to go into painstaking detail about the trip.  'Cause it was highly enjoyable, and I would like to remember those details at a later date.  Y'know.

*rubs eyes emphatically*
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Red Rose

"Um, I'll have cake, please..."

Music binge today.  Had to buy all the stuff that I heard on the trip and discovered that I couldn't survive without. 8D

jenwryn pretty much wiped the floor with her competitors at tnl_awards, unsurprisingly.  Props!!

Since it marks, however, the fourth contest in a row that has yielded absolutely nothing for my efforts, it gives me even more pleasure to announce that I've decided to forgo my punishment gluttony for a while.  I came up with a prompt in the shower this morning and then promptly (yeah?  yeah?) threw together some stuff to write about for it, so I'm going to do that.  Keep my brain awake, sort of a deal.

Feel free to join me in my useless writing endeavors -- the pseudo-official prompt is "It happened one night."  Which, incidentally, is an awesome Frank Capra movie with Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert.  The deadline is when and if you feel like it, and the word limit is nonexistent.

It also amuses me that my sister is playing Kingdom Hearts II now, of which I explored the fandom in some detail without actually encountering the real thing.  It's kind of funny, because Axel and Roxas, the characters I wrote about without ever having seen their original incarnations, look right and act right, but the voices sound nothing like they did in my head.

Anyway, that was all extraordinarily pointless...  Soon I shall go babysit and make me some money, and hopefully I will eventually manage to write you lot a trip-describing entry.