July 19th, 2008

Red Rose

Awesome Stuff

SQUEE SQUEE SQUEE, jenwryn podfic-alized more of my stuff! :D  It is amazing and fantabulous and you can find all the links here, though 'Smoke and Moonlight' wouldn't work for me, likely due purely to my own ineptitude, though it's still sad, because I really wanted to hear that one. XD


Another awesome thing is that eltea and I have pooled our brilliance (or at least our boredom) and made us a little old writing community, utilizing the exquisite pun write_aid.  And we haven't really put anything up just yet except for the profile, which explains what will eventually be there.  And it'll be fun!  So you should join, and/or you should pimp it for us, because the more cool people we get, the better it'll be. 8D  It'll just be, like, prompts and challenges and stuff, in a friendly atmosphere, fulfilling your prescription of AWESOME.

Yet another awesome thing is that baronanriel and I are gonna go see eltea in 'Beauty and the Beast' tonight, which, as you'll recall from my raving about it, is a totally sweet show. :D