July 27th, 2008

Red Rose

Word Up

Yes, indeedly, I'm home at long last... I took a shower this morning, in my real-and-true-and-mine bathroom, which, while we're still having an ant problem, was quite devoid of the crickets that sometimes enjoy congregating in the one in Oak Ridge.  Also, around here, the water's never cold, even if somebody did just take a shower before you.  And even in the Death Humidity of Tennessee, cold showers aren't refreshing for more than about a minute before you're just howling inwardly and hurrying your freezing ass up...

I think that made sense?

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I am now going to scuttle off and type up the eight -- count 'em, eight -- handwritten pages I threw together on the various planes.  And yes, it's for the last piece of the 'HaM' series.  Don't get too excited, though; most of it's fairly sub-par... I blame the stale plane air.  Rather than, y'know, my inability to write. XD

Well, I'm not paralyzed
But I seem to be struck by you
I wanna make you move
Because you're standing still
If your body matches what your eyes can do
You'll prob'ly move right through
Me on my way to you

- "Paralyzer" - Finger Eleven -

...That is a really interesting video.  Creative, cool, and quite unexpected.  Give it a go.
Red Rose

Lawl wut

So the stuff for the 'HaM' conclusion is really weak.  I'd trash it all and rewrite, but I hate having to write things twice, which is why all of the novels I started early in high school are pretty much doomed.

Since typing up all the miserably pathetic HaM stuff was obscenely boring, after that I learned how to tie a tie again, because I felt like it, and then I was even more bored.  So after dinner I played with Photoshop.

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Somebody needs to light a fire under my muse.  Possibly when she least expects it.

Yeah, that's about all I got...

HOUR-LATER EDIT: Still bored.  Still very bored.  Here, have more 'Shop phun.

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