August 5th, 2008

Red Rose


So my mom and I took my little brother to the park today, which is always... an experience.  It's funny going to the park; the Shakespeare stage is out on the field until next week, and that's all I've been out there for lately, so I'm accustomed to seeing lots of people with blankets and programs and strange, dorky obsessions... i.e. people like ME, though generally they're on the older side.  But when you go around lunchtime, the whole place is overrun with pregnant women and hyperactive children, which is a rather different experience. XD  Children, children, everywhere, many of them startlingly white-blond.  Or at least a couple I was glancing at while my mom and my brother were on the train; the youngest was spreading ice cream sandwiches all over her face.  And there was a little Asian boy named Dylan who had a rather less-than-salubrious affinity for the trash can bag...

I'm a little ways in to the final Death Note, which is amazing and excruciating.  I want to finish so I can fanfic the hell out of it, but I also never want it to be over, you know?  Plus I'm so invested in all the goddamn characters that I can't stand it when ANY of them die, which a fair amount of them tend to do... Which really isn't a spoiler, because it becomes obvious immediately from, like, the title and the premise and whatnot.  Anyways... yeah.  I'm going to sleep over at eltea's this evening, unforeseen disasters notwithstanding, and we will fangirl like pros.

No, actually, we kind of are pros...

I bought a bookbag at Barnes and Noble today that I saw a little while ago.  It's amazing.  It has famous book quotes on it, the first of which is the opening line of A Tale of Two Cities, the last of which is the final line.  It's gorgeous and dorky and I am going to pack it full of awesome. 8D  I also bought a ton of crap that I was supposed to get for the apartment, so now I am hella poor.  Like, HELLA.  D:

And yes, I usually AM this boring; the question is why you've all friended me. XD