August 11th, 2008

Red Rose

Epic L-Related Win

After what probably adds up to about twelve hours, give or take, of finding, cropping, adjusting levels, touching up, and basically wasting my life, I proudly present...

The L Desktop! 8D

...yeah, it's amazing.  I know.  I know.

Trying to get back to work on the mystery DN fic, which will be fantastically awesome, but I keep being terrified I'll screw it up.  The danger is very real, my friends.  VERY REAL.  Ergo I am being tentative and sluggish, ergo nothing is getting done.  I wish I could just turn the word faucet on and off.  Damn it.

I'm mostly done with a slightly steamy Matt/Mello bit that I started the other day, though.  It's more steamy-by-implication than anything else, but hey.

I have been going to bed obscenely late recently.  It's not my fault; it's the goddamn muse again.  Or the deadlines prodding the muse with pitchforks, in some cases.  Coherency is becoming progressively more difficult, but on the upside, I'm strangling the most out of my last two weeks of summer, right...?

...geddit?  Mello?

...yeah, never should've sunk to that... Please accept my apologies... XD