August 13th, 2008

Red Rose


Saw Dark Knight again yesterday.  Well, Monday.  Which is no longer yesterday.  I loved being able to squint for the little details and listen closely to the lines that zipped right over my head the first time.  Then saw the new Mummy movie with my sister, my brother, and my mom today (it was worth her $4.50 for some CG undead warrior carnage, but I'd have had extreme buyer's remorse if I'd taken ten bucks from my own pocket for it and its laughably bad romantic subplot and other assorted issues).

And I came to realize yet again just how much I love the movies -- movies in general, too, for the pure and simple escapism of the whole thing, but the theater as well.  The dimness broken only by those semi-art-nouveau sconces that line the walls, then just you and the dark and the screen; the potentially-hazardous surround sound and the extreme closeups that make you wonder if such-and-such celebrity might be a person after all; the wafting scent of someone else's butter-drowned popcorn as you search fruitlessly for somewhere to stash your ticket stub; the previews and the features; just the whole damn thing -- the other world.  The non-ness of it.  Hollywood is pretty mediocre, all told, but there's something inherently magical about movies, and I'm willing to purchase that.

Or to have my mom purchase it, as the case may be.

...that's pretty much all my brain can handle today.  Sleep deprivation is an amazing thing.  I believe I've averaged five or six hours a night for the past four or five days.  What fun...?

Basically, I need a life.  Yeah, that.