August 18th, 2008

Red Rose

Capital-D Denial

It's actually not full-denial; it's half-denial.  Half of me is convinced that I am never going back to school, so ha-dee-ha-ha, screw higher education and whatever else.  ...And the other half has already moved into OHSHIT Anxious Mode with all cylinders firing.  I don't have a considerable portion of things that I need.  Need to go to frigging Ikea.  Fortunately there's one not too far away from school, though I'm slightly leery of the buses after being stupid and getting lost so many times.

I hate things that require brains, which definitely includes arranging bus trips and attending college.  God damn.

I do not hate making icons, however, as that does not require any undue exercise from that squishy thing in my head.  This is probably the biggest piece of Death Note icon spam you will ever see in your life, which is a dubious honor indeed:

([info]eltea rightfully advised I put a small spoiler warning, because the names in Death Note are very important.)

Collapse )

If you happen to spot a life lying around, maybe you could snatch it up for me?  I'll reimburse you for postage...

Speaking of me having no life, The Margins is coming along nicely, I think.  Drabbles make me happy.  There are so many little lost scenes in Death Note simply because the plot's so overwhelming that there isn't that much time for the characters.  Being wildly inspired all the time is a dreadfully gratifying feeling I think I'd lost until now.

I actually got the recommended quantity of sleep last night, largely by accident -- we had a very brief power outage early this morning, so my 10:30 alarm didn't go off, and I slept in another hour after that.  Then my morning was MIA, which was kind of depressing, but at least I wasn't quite as tired. XD