August 27th, 2008

Red Rose

"First Day" of School

I put "first day" in quotes because it was more like "first single one-hour class, since Tierfal arranged virtually everything on Tuesdays and Thursdays."  It was French, however, and French looks like it'll be a piece of cake.

How do you say cake in OH GÂTEAU BOO YA.


I suppose it would be more challenging to move up to the next level, but I'm mostly just looking to maintain my French more than anything else, so this probably-a-bit-too-easy class should do splendidly.  I just have to make sure all those francophone brain cells decide to return from their extremely long hiatus.  It actually felt surprisingly easy today, but I was kind of BSing, and it's not like we were doing anything other than the usual "How was your summer?  What did you do?  Why are you taking French?" shebang, so I'm probably not quite as re-acclimated as I think I am.


We'll have to see how the other three classes look tomorrow.

I shall go do French homework now.  Or so I tell myself... I think we both know I'm probably lying..