September 2nd, 2008

Red Rose

Lots of Stuff!

Because boring the hell out of the lot of you is WAY MORE FUN than my French homework! :D

First of all, just to get this out of the way... Do they know how to market, or do they know how to market?

Yes, you now know a bit more about my internet habits.  Le gasp.

Frigging amazing fic, by the way.  If you like, you know, banter and smut and frigging hot boys getting into hysterically funny mind games and whatnot.

**Random Note:  ignoring any and all user tags today, not because I don't love you all immensely, but because LJ  is being a format tyrant and oppressing me**

My day was boring and involved a lot of troving around for a book of which there are not enough copies in the known world for all of my seminar to have one.  Despite the fact that half the class doesn't have said damn book, despite the fact that the bookstore she recommended is long since sold out, the professor's comment was, "Well, the quiz won't hurt your grades much."

Thanks!  Appreciate it! :D

...meanie poo-head.  >_>

After that stunning display of maturity...

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Moment of incoherent glee... And then we can toddle right along to a meme nabbed from Jenwryn, which entails copying in the first line of your twenty most recent stories.

Me + meme = BAD PLAN, if you haven't noticed.

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Life?  What's a life? 8D