September 3rd, 2008

Red Rose

This and That

And here and there?

Dropped my baby (i.e. my iPod) on the sidewalk going to get my history reader (readers, really; two frigging volumes for a total of fifty-six bucks).  It actually didn't sustain too much noticeable damage, but I've cradled and coddled the thing so much that even the couple dints sadden me.  I've had this little darling for years now, and it has saved my sanity on more occasions than I'd like to count.




I saw a guy wearing this shirt on my way back from class and got a good grin out of it: dood sweet shirt

Aaaaanddd... yeah.  Haven't done any homework whatsoever yet.  'Cause I'm awesome.

Got tagged by jenwryn for a superfantabulous meme, so I'm excited. 8D

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Wheeeee, I have no life and I like it that way!