September 9th, 2008

Red Rose

Wewtz and Things

I think I might once have had coherent things to say, but the whole four-and-a-half straight hours of class thing Tuesdays and Thursdays just wipes me out.  My attention span just can't handle it.  XD

In any case, trying to pay attention the whole time, particularly when my varying professors were saying unnecessary things (as professors like to do), would have killed me, so instead I didn't.  There was fanfictioning.  And doodling.  (I've revamped my style... again... -ish; it's not that different.  But this is what I was doing the other day for the comic I was mentioning.)  And then my history professor was dumb enough to give me an outline with these beautiful white margins...

...which I defiled with my scribblings. >:E

So revel in the return of margin art, with Death Note characters, and including an Arty for my [info]eltea. :3  Who is vry far away, on the other side of the country at her grandparents' house. D:

On the upside, I gave her a superspecialawesome sneak preview (meaning "the first six and a half chapters") of "The End Is Near," which actually isn't that generous given that she helped make up some of the most important parts of it. :P

(Oh, yeah, and about the art -- I fail at L's hair, which I blame partly on secret details, and I didn't try Mello, because I didn't have any refs, which limited me to characters I'd already drawn. XD)

(...that was vry important.)