September 11th, 2008

Red Rose

More Margin Art

Yeah, this is all I got.

That's a strawberry.  By L's head.  A heart-shaped strawberry.  To be like, "L is <3/strawberry."

It's terribly clever.  So terribly clever that I had to explain it and ruin it completely. 8D

I love Light in the knit sweaters.  Not gonna lie.  And the button-down shirts.  And pretty much everything the boy wears.

The words below the scintillating renditions will soon be added to the eighth chapter of "The End Is Near," which is coming along pretty well, weirdly enough.  It's 13,000 words already without the stuff I wrote in class today while respecting my professors' time, expertise, and dedication.

In typical Tierfal fashion, I haven't even gotten to the plot yet, such as it is. XD

I'm going to go do my French homework like a good girl now.

And then I'm going to write a crapload of fanfiction instead of working on the homework for the weekend.

Damn straight.
Red Rose

And Then There Was Honeydew

Honeydew is WAY better than regular ol' dew.

That's right, while procrastinating on my French homework (which I eventually did, 'cause, I mean, I have to), I read the as-much-as-there-is entirety of Honeydew Syndrome, which jenwryn was talking about a while back.


Baronanriel (9:00:24 PM): What is that?
Tierfal (9:00:31 PM): A comic.
Tierfal (9:00:33 PM): Online.
Tierfal (9:00:34 PM): Manga-ish.
Tierfal (9:00:37 PM): With cute boys.
Tierfal (9:00:40 PM): Who all fall in love with each other.
Tierfal (9:00:42 PM): It was awesome.
Baronanriel (9:00:50 PM): ...
Baronanriel (9:01:00 PM): /facepalm
Tierfal (9:01:05 PM): You had fair warning!
Tierfal (9:01:17 PM): You read my first foray into slash before we were serious!
Baronanriel (9:01:36 PM): /double facepalm
Baronanriel (9:01:44 PM): lol
Baronanriel (9:01:49 PM): Yeah... I know...
Tierfal (9:01:50 PM): just lost the game...